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Ural Life & Culture
All You Need to Know about Yekaterinburg and the Ural Region
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B-A-C-H Chamber Orchestra Contact us
It’s true that many orchestras–the orchestras of Berlin, Prague, London, and Philadelphia–perform Queen’s hits. But, as a rule, they add rhythmic patterns that make them sound somewhat like rock bands. To our knowledge, there is no other chamber orchestra that performs rock music the way B-A-C-H does.
In 1996, a few students of the Yekaterinburg Conservatory decided to give a concert in the memory of Freddie Mercury, following traditions of classical music. Nikolay Usenko, then a student of the Conservatory and now the conductor of the B-A-C-H orchestra, made the arrangements by ear, listening to tapes of his favorite band.
In 2005, performance of the B-A-C-H orchestra won approval from the QUEEN RECORDS LTD. Today, the program Queen Magic includes more than 20 famous pieces. Among them are We Are the Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody and others.
The Yekaterinburg Chamber Orchestra B-A-C-H proudly presents its CD and the program Queen Magic. If you are a fan of Queen and Freddie Mercury, come on the day of his death, November 24, to admire his talent together with B-A-C-H orchestra.
Date: November 24
Time: 6 p.m. (18:00)
Admission: 300-500 rub.
Place: Ural community center
Address: 3, ul. Studencheskaya

Ural community center





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