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Ural Life & Culture
All You Need to Know about Yekaterinburg and the Ural Region

Yekaterinburg is going to host the 2014 ACM-ICPC World Finals and the 2018 FIFA world cup, and is a CANDIDATE CITY TO HOST the 2020 World EXPO. 



Grab your chance to learn more about the Ural region.    


1. What is going on in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Tyumen and the whole Ural region? - Check the Photos of the Week for specially selected photo gallery! 

2. Is it cold out there? Do people wear fur coats all throughout the year? Do you bump into bears when you have an outing with your friends or family? - Yes, it's cold, but not colder than in Canada, Alaska, Minnesota, or Norway. And do not worry about bears or wolves! Quench your curiosity and steady your nerves with ULC Mythbuster


3. What do foreigners who live in Russia or have visited it think about it? Learn more about Russia, life, universe, and everything with People Talk.  

Already visited Russia? Join ULC columnists from around the globe! Join us as a blogger, even if you have never been to Russia. Are you an immigrant or an excellent cook? Are you an artist or a musician? Do you travel around the world? Are you raising a bilinguial child? Would you like to tell us about your part of the world? Register & share your ideas, stories, and experiences!

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