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Ural Life & Culture
All You Need to Know about Yekaterinburg and the Ural Region
P2P, or People to People, is a service that allows you to offer or find a job that involves English, post your ads, meet new friends and even the love of your life. Log in now! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us by mail.
FriendSurfing is a free service that helps travelers feel at home in any country of the world. Couchsurfing is for young people who do not mind small inconveniences. FriendSurfing is for older people who prefer comfort and/or travel with families. You are planning to stay in a hotel and would like someone to show you around a new city? Your flight is delayed and you hate the idea of arriving in the dead of the night and having to find ways to get to your hotel? Then FriendSurfing is for you!
Choose a country and a city and contact local people. They will answer your questions, meet you at the airport, and/or work as your tour guide. How much does it cost? It's none of our business! It's strictly between you and them. We connect people, you make friends. Would you like to become a Friend -- a person to contact -- in your city? Log in and post your profile! 
Job opportunities. You a student and you want your job to be involved with English? Do you run your own language school and at the moment are looking for experienced teachers? Would you like your baby sitter to speak English? Log in and post your ad!
Learn English. Would you like to have classes with native speakers? Are you an experienced teacher of English and would like to have new students? Log in and post your ad!
Miscellaneous. Any ads are welcome in this section. 
Rent. Are you looking for an apartment? Or you are a landlord and would like to rent your apartment to foreign friends? Would you like to rent a car for a few days to visit your friends in another town? 
Log in and post your ad!
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Bibikova Anna
Learn Russian
Hello everyone! Speaking Russian fluently made your trip in Russia more interesting, safe and even help you safe some money.You can meet amazing people, visit more interesting places, and events, earn the respect of your business partners and friends. If you speak russian with Russian people even a little  it made any conversation rather more friendly and pleasent.
  I follow the  communicative method. So you start speak simple russian from the very first lessons. and I believe that significant progress is strongly connected with interest and fan. So I do my best to make lesson more interesting and ignate your love to culture and language.

Contact me