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Ural Life & Culture
All You Need to Know about Yekaterinburg and the Ural Region


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Before the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, there were 50 Orthodox churches in Yekaterinburg. Few managed to survive the anti-religious campaigns in the USSR. Only one of them never closed -- St. John's church, across the street from the central stadium

One of the most popular places in Yekaterinburg is the Church on the Blood. It was erected at the place where the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II, his family, his family, and servants were executed by the Bolsheviks. 

The Christ Ascension Church is the oldest church in Yekaterinburg. It is located at the picturesque place and park called Ascension Hill (Rus.: Voznesenskaya Gorka).

Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral and Lavra is part of the Novo-Tikhvinsky monastery. At the nunnery you may buy unique hand-made wooden souvenirs made by nuns.
If you follow the Red Line, you will eventually come to St. Catherine’s Сhapel, across the street from the Sevastyanov House.
Ready to explore wonderful churches, mosques, the sinagogue, and other places of worship in Yekaterinburg?
Text by Mikhail Ponomarenko and Mikhail Brodsky.

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